PlanDynamic Portfolios

Old-School Wealth Management

Not everyone wants virtual meetings, interactive technology or to revisit financial aspects of their lives already accomplished.

For those near or living in retirement, this offer focuses on sustaining financial independence.

PlanDynamic Portfolios
0.95% up to $1,000,000
0.75% over $1,000,000

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Your personal CFP® relationship with Glenn Brown will work on all aspects of living in retirement.

Investment Management

  • Goals-based investment portfolios

  • Disciplined process & allocation tilts

  • Active monitoring & rebalancing

  • Low operating expenses and costs

  • Clarity on what you own & why

  • Tax-loss harvesting

  • A strategy to grow dividend income

  • A strategy for capital preservation

  • Choose monthly or quarterly distributions

  • Required minimum distributions calculated

  • Secure performance & tax reporting

  • Accounts at TD Ameritrade Institutional

Financial Assessments

  • Annual portfolio reviews

  • Risk tolerance analysis

  • Income & cash flow planning

  • Tax-efficient distribution strategies

  • Social Security optimization

  • Employer benefits review

  • Insurance review & gap analysis

  • Medicaid eligibility

  • Estate planning & titling analysis

You Will

  • Enjoy a personal CFP® relationship

  • Gain clarity, education and confidence

  • Focus on your “why” to stay the course

  • Evolve your financial independence