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A fee-only CFP® helps you take control of planning and investing, so you can balance kids, aging parents and financial independence.

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 What we believe

At PlanDynamic, we believe financial independence should be our client’s focus. It is built in stages, tailored to personal values and provides new choices along the journey. It is core to our wealth management philosophy and believe should continuously evolve.


What we do


Your personal Certified Financial Planner™ at PlanDynamic is a fee-only fiduciary that provides planning and investment management to help you build, evolve and sustain your financial independence.



We build a comprehensive financial plan incorporating all aspects of your life and vision of independence. Monitor cash flows, align investments for growth and deliver a needs analysis prioritizing goals and steps needed to accomplish together.



We leverage adaptable technology to make your plan dynamic. Our M.O. is access, education and clarity. Save time by collaborating online, have us lead scenarios and educate on impact. You can update actions plus see goals, financials and investments evolve as one in real-time.



Your ongoing, interactive CFP® relationship provides ease to be proactive to change. As opportunities and challenges suddenly arise, we access real-time data of your plan to help put things into context and share next steps. You are confident in making timely decisions to sustain your vision and independence.


How we do it

We create a goal-based plan tailored to your values and take measured steps to secure your vision.

Our dynamic, low-cost portfolios are designed for goals-based investing to build and sustain over time.


As a fee-only fiduciary we always act in your best interests, which includes transparency and choice.

Your vision.
Your plan dynamic.
Your independence.

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Meet with founder, Glenn Brown CFP®, CPRC®, MBA to discuss your needs and learn ways we can help.