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Tools based on merit


Being independent allows for selection of technology and services based on meritocracy. Below are the tools we use to make your (and our) lives better.



eMoney is our financial planning tool. It Is used to run simulations and analysis in areas of retirement income, tax planning, college planning, cash flow, debt management, to name a few.

It also serves as our account aggregation tool, allowing you to securely link investments, checking, mortgage, loans, employee benefits, 529s, stock options, credit cards, etc. This provides a big picture view, which we can analyze in real-time as changes and opportunities arise.


TD Ameritrade Institutional is the custodian used to invest your money into our PlanDynamic portfolios. They securely move money, collect fees, execute our trades and provide tax reporting.

We chose TDAI for several reasons, including their commission-free ETF platform, dedicated team support and their VeoOne open architecture technology platform, providing for easy integration of best in class tools.


iRebal is our rebalancing software. Beyond providing our asset allocation rebalancing, if supports tax-loss harvesting, tax-efficient asset location and cash management.


Kwanti is used for portfolio construction, security analytics, risk metrics and modern portfolio theory analysis. It is also used to analyze client portfolios, operating expenses and historical performance with capability to include advisor fees.


Capitect is our investment performance reporting and billing software. Used to calculate and share investment performance as well as our investment management fees.


AdvicePay handles payments from our the Advisory segments of our business. It easily handles monthly subscription from bank account payments, with no additional fees on your part.


With calendly you’re able to schedule a meeting without having to go back-and-forth on who’s available when. Just find a time and schedule! Beyond seamless integration with our internal calendars, it works great with our virtual meeting provider Zoom.


We enjoy in-person meetings, however Zoom brings added productivity and ease to be proactive to opportunities as they arise. Chat with us, share screens and save the time/hassle of coming to us. And if you have your toes in the sand, even better.


Google’s G Suite brings together our e-mail, phones, calendars, forms, document storage, website analytics, marketing, secured sharing of information and center of our business continuity in the cloud.


We use Wealthbox for our CRM platform. More than a contact list, it manages workflows and helps drive scale by automating processes to help ensure a consistent client experience.


Hate physical paperwork? So do we. Whenever possible, we use DocuSign for automated electronic signatures and document copies to make life a little easier for everyone involved.


SquareSpace is our website provider; we use it to quickly and easily update our website to contain the content we want.


MailChimp powers our regular e-mails, shares our monthly updates and quarterly client newsletters. This lets us spend less time in our inboxes or designing templates and more time helping you.