What to expect


Talk & Decide

Gather & Onboard

Plan & Build

Enjoy & Evolve

Monitor & Sustain


Talk & Decide

Have complimentary video or phone consultation to discuss your goals.

Share your current efforts and thoughts, understand how we work and can help.

Learn which may be best for you: PlanDynamic Program or seperately our Advisory or Portfolios.  

Your way

Decide how, or even if, PlanDynamic can help you and the best way to move forward.

Gather & Onboard

Complete our Advisory Onboard together. 

  • We ask questions with purpose and gather comprehensive data.

  • Understand past experiences, actions, influences and current views.

  • Create your vision with goals prioritized and a focus on why.

  • Integrate your vision, data and our technology for interactive financial planning.

Learn more about our Advisory Onboard.

Your knowledge

Gain an understanding of what is important, where you are today and a vision for tomorrow.

Plan & Build

A financial plan can be overwhelming given all it encompasses. 

To simplify, we deliver a needs analysis on three key priorities with tasks and timelines.

We advise and educate on: 

cash flow, budget, investments, tax planning, housing, education planning, elderly care, insurance, retirement, entitlements, employer benefits, small business needs, debt management, estate planning and multi-generational planning.

As tasks are completed, we'll track your progress together. When you accomplish a goal, we'll design the next goal with new tasks and timelines to build upon momentum.

Your guidance

Have comprehensive view to all financial aspects of your life. More importantly, know where to start, what needs to be done, how to measure progress and have ongoing, interactive Certified Financial Planner™ relationship.

Enjoy & Evolve

We customize adaptable technology for needs now and in the future.

Help you evolve and think differently about goals, ways to impact and achieve.

Take measured steps to enjoy the journey. 

Your plan dynamic

Access your big picture in real-time, have expert support to save time and focus on your why behind financial independence.

Monitor & Sustain

Change happens, be proactive to it.

We monitor your financial picture, discuss where they may be opportunities, how to mitigate risks and plan for the unexpected.  

With shared technology access and your personal CFP®, we make it easy to discuss what's on your mind or make timely decisions.

Your confidence

Continue to confidently make informed decisions to sustain your vision and independence.