A Focus On Why Launches PlanDynamic

Few are able take ownership of a vision that coincides with their passion, and I am grateful for this opportunity. I'm inspired by entrepreneurs whose drive and accomplishment sustains to benefit others, even fortunate to have helped some execute.

PlanDynamic is my vision of providing access to ongoing, personal CFP® relationships, interactive technology and dynamically managed portfolios to build, evolve and sustain financial independence for clients.

This is where I see opportunity to guide those who want to think different and focus on their why.
— Glenn Brown, Founder & Principal

The year 2017 is a compelling time to launch. Take the positive wealth effects created by central banks growing asset prices, our economic expansion and the second longest bull market for US equities. They have felt good. So good, that many individuals have gone from confident to complacent. Worse, their advisors just say "yes" to newly added goals being achieved by continuously increasing investment growth projections. Rather than leading a difficult conversation about all goals now tied to unrealistic expectations, they shift client experiences to invites for exclusive events and social media photo ops.

Forgotten are the best practices done to build wealth and sustain financial independence. 

Now, more than ever, is the time to understand priorities, review all financial aspects, continue to take measured steps and complete goals within your vision of independence. This is where I see opportunity to guide those who want to think different and focus on their why.

The support and an inspiration behind my why. 

The support and an inspiration behind my why. 

Being financially independent is about having choices. Many equate it to being independent from the need to work, a.k.a. retirement. Therefore, it becomes a goal off in the distance that people do the minimum today, dream big and worry about the details of doing more tomorrow.

Instead, focus on what meaningful work or activities might be, the beneficial outcomes and the new and productive opportunities to explore when you’re able to reallocate time and resources. 

Yes, it sounds aspirational and not for everyone. However, if this motivates you, we can be your guide.

At PlanDynamic, we will help you

think different.
focus on your why.
enjoy the journey.


Glenn Brown, CFP®, CRPC®, MBA
Founder & Principal