Aligned with your values

As a fee-only fiduciary, PlanDynamic offers ways to work us that align with your values, priorities and our strategies for financial independence.



The Sandwich Generation is tasked with raising kids, caring for aging parents plus finding time for personal balance and prosperity. 

You may feel the sacrifices made to advance careers and earnings are not providing the progress or peace of mind you envisioned.

Or maybe you have momentum in achieving your goals but need the help of a CFP® to sustain and find more time to enjoy today's moments.



Business owners must prove themselves every day by building upon trust, value and progress with customers, employees and community.

You have borrowed, invested and put sweat equity into the business that you run today. Dependents are employees and families.

Protective of cash balances for downturns and opportunities, you still wish to include the financial expertise of a CFP® with your CPA and attorney. 



Investors sacrifice to save, consider opportunity costs and seek to have the complex made simple.

You realize the power of compounding requires taking measured risks, generating income streams and/or finding sustainable competitive advantages.

When markets get volatile, you know the CFP® who manages your planning and understands your portfolios is your accountability partner keeping the focus on your why and staying the course.