Ease and Flexibility

PlanDynamic is built for people who need ease and flexibility in their financial lives. People who have demands on their time and depended upon by others, like business owners, the investor within a household and parents raising kids while caring for aging parents, aka Sandwichers.

We believe financial independence is about choice, pursuit of passions as a result of growing financially secure and able to sustain as change, pursuits and relationships evolve. 

Much is focused on It is more than frugality, sacrifice, and patience.

We believe success requires adaptability, taking measured risks and enjoying a big picture view. Building and sustaining financial independence occurs over time, not at a point in time. Therefore, we feel it is important to find ways to enjoy your why behind it. Inspiring you and your family to broaden pursuit of opportunities, including ones passing with time.

PlanDynamic offers ease and creates flexibility to support those who live these disciplines.

Many are underserved by investment firms and ‘Invest in Under 10 Minutes’ upstarts requiring investable assets to receive financial planning.

As a fee-only fiduciary, we offer ways to work us that align to financial independence. And should you invest in our portfolios, I’m glad it takes longer than a drive-thru.
— Glenn Brown, CFP®, Founder of PlanDynamic